Help Customers Purchase From Your Dealership - 5 Ways to Increase Online Sales

Help Customers Purchase From Your Dealership - 5 Ways to Increase Online Sales


Car shopping can be a hassle. It’s overwhelming to visit multiple dealerships and speak with many different salesmen. It can get confusing, and buyers often lose focus of what they are actually looking for. Making a customer feel relaxed and informed about the process can prevent the overwhelming experience that can upset customers and result in lost sales. Help customers to stay focused and informed during the car buying process: Make sure your website offer these features so it is easy for online buyers to buy from your dealership.

Salesmen Information

Make sure that your website provides a brief biography and a picture of each salesman at your dealership. Customers can go to the website and “get to know” the salesman before they actually visit the dealership, giving a more personal connection. This helps the customer feel more comfortable during the visit.

Vehicle Price

Car purchase is all about affordability. Make sure that each vehicle on the website has a price listed. Many dealers want to hide the price, forcing the interested person to call. It may not be a good idea, forcing customers to shop online at other dealership’s websites which list the car prices.

Vehicle Details and Comments

When customers are doing research online, they want to see all the details about the vehicle. Don’t save time in listing features of your vehicle. If you are too busy to manfully enter or check-mark the vehicle features, use VIN Decoding.

Equally, if not more, important are the comments that you must enter about each vehicle. Often dealers either put a one liner comment, like “Single owner, clean car”. Don’t cheat yourself by saving time here. Use the sales pitch you are going to give to your customer on the lot, use it in the comments section of your vehicle. Paint a picture with your words, you can write detailed comments yourself or use a third party. Here is an example comment of 2012 Mercedes C-Class C250 Sports Sedan from the leading online comment provider, Dealer Assist Now:

“Meet our restyled 2012 C250 Sport in Sapphire Grey Metallic. The design is impeccably Mercedes as is the power under the hood. Motivated by a Turbo-Charged 1.8 liter that develops 201 horsepower and sends this Sport Sedan off the line with a civil growl thanks to the 7-Speed automatic with touch shift. Fuel economy is today's buzz word and we have thought outside the box for you. This C-Class features a new aluminum hood, which contributes to weight reduction and consequently improves fuel efficiency. It might seem like a small change however thinking like this makes the return on your investment just that much sweeter. Technology meets beauty and still provides over 30mpg on the open road. 

The pictures display a luxurious interior emphasized by our new dashboard. This features premium finishes and stylish trim elements plus a high-resolution color display in the instrument cluster. Oriented towards the driver are three tubular gauge pods that further enhance the aggressive character of the C-Class. This year's creation has over 2,000 new parts that make up this beautiful car. Grip the new-generation leather steering wheel which features a chrome-plated central spoke that further accentuates the car’s stylish and sporty ambiance.

In classic Mercedes fashion, the always evolving safety leader in the automotive industry has outdone themselves once again. With multiple options for every kind of driver, safety should not be a concern. So, print this page and call us Now... We Know You Will Enjoy Your Test Drive Towards Ownership!”


Compare the above comment to the one liner “Single owner, clean car”. Which one has more appeal to online customer?

Offer Financing Assistance

Encourage your customers to apply for financing on your website before they visit you. This way you have their contact information and know how much they can afford to spend. You can either follow up by email or phone to let your customers know which of your vehicles they can afford. Customers will love to know about the vehicles you have available which they can afford to purchase.

Help Them Find the Car

If you do not have the right vehicle on the lot, offer assistance to your customers in finding it for them. Online tools like “Build-It Price-It” or “Car Finder” are very helpful in finding out what exactly a customer is looking for. These tools allow customers to list their ideal car, features they are interested in, and the price they want to pay.

You can use this information to offer them other similar cars that are on the lot, purchase their ideal vehicle at the next auction, or contact other dealers to purchase this vehicle from them and make it available to your customers. It is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

The suggestions listed above are neither rocket science nor something new. However, often we get so busy with work that we lose track of basics of helping out customers.

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