Good by Microsoft Submit It! and bCentral

Good by Microsoft Submit It! and bCentral

Well it is finally official Microsoft Submit It! and bCentral Business Directory are closing down. A move we had anticipated  for the last year or so since bCentral was no longer taking any new signup since October of 2006. It is about time that Submit-It went out... it is a very useless and hard to work with tool... but I'm glad that Microsoft will move our dealer listings from bCentral to Microsoft Small Business Directory.

Important parts of the official news:

Microsoft retiring Submit It!
On May 18th 2007 Microsoft will retire its Submit It! service. The service's site preparation, directory submittal, and reporting tools will be decommissioned. To help you transition away from the service, we are giving you a limited period of free access to Submit It!’s site preparation, submittal, and reporting tools. In addition, existing Submit It! customers are being offered a way to retain their Small Business Directory listings, for free, through 2008. Please read below for more detail and when you can expect to see changes.

Directory submittal, site preparation and reporting tools ending
Effective 3:00pm Pacific Daylight Time on May 18th 2007, you will no longer be able to log into and access the Submit It! service. The service’s site preparation and optimization tools, directory submittal, and reporting services will be decommissioned and any data associated with these service components will be permanently deleted from Microsoft servers. If you want to preserve any reporting information please log into the Member Center to do so before the service end date. Additional instructions can be found in our Submit It! Customer FAQ .

Continued listing on the Microsoft Small Business Directory
Also effective May 18th 2007 at 3:00pm Pacific Daylight Time, the bCentral™ Small Business Directory will be retired. In its place, we are offering existing Submit It! customers and others who currently have bCentral Small Business Directory listings a free, grandfathered listing in the new Microsoft Small Business Directory. While we will be preserving the present directory’s link friendliness and search ranking value, slight changes will be made in the way the directory appears to the public and how you may alter your listing. Please read below and see more details about these changes in our Small Business Directory Customer FAQ .

BTW on the site the dates are wrong. Where is the QA, Microsoft.
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