Four Online Don’ts to Increase Auto Sales

Four Online Don’ts to Increase Auto Sales


There’s no shortage of expert advice for auto dealers on the subjects of SEO, PPC Campaigns, Social Media, and Online Marketing. If you’re selling more cars today, it’s likely due to your dealership’s website and social media business pages. But, selling more cars also has a lot to do with how you engage your prospects and clients online.

While TO DO tips often prove valuable, it’s also important for auto dealers to know what not-to-do. To get the most out of your social media and online marketing efforts, here are four “online don’ts” to consider when it comes to engaging your readers:

Don’t Just Tweet and Tweet
Tweet at the right time. Facebook and Twitter are great social media tools for helping you stay in touch with followers. So, don’t annoy your followers with an overabundance of untimely wall postings and tweets. shares this useful information about timely posting on Facebook and Twitter:


  • Best time to Tweet – 5 PM (Eastern Time)
  • Best practice for tweeting frequency – 1 to 4 tweets per hour


  • Best day to share on Facebook – Saturday
  • Best time to share on Facebook – Noon (Eastern Time)
  • Best practice and frequency forFacebook sharing – .5 posts per day

Don’t Let Blogs Go Blah
Blogs are usuallyinformative and useful. Topics have to be thought-provoking to get readers’ attention. But, sometimes bloggingtoo often or inconsistently can cause both writer and reader to lose interest. Blogs should be posted periodically not sporadically. Whether your dealership posts one blog a month or every two weeks, it’s important to stick with aregular posting plan.

Don’t Waste YourWebsite
According to Statistic Brain, 75% of small businesses have yet to develop a website. Today’s car buyers are information-driven and time-constrained. And, the most instructiveand convenient way for them to find vehicles is online. So, it is important to engage these potential buyers quickly and keep themengaged. Don’t let your readers find your website sitting out-of-date. Make sure your inventory is regularlyupdated and your site easy to navigate.

Don’t IgnoreOnline Complaints
Ideally, no one will have anything bad to say about your dealership. Inevitably, a customer will share a negative experience more so than a positive one. And this type of sharing today happens online. There is more than a surplus of sites available to help potential buyers and customers share bad experiences. Be sure to offer a place on your site for feedback––positive and negative. If and when a complaint falls into your lap, embrace it as an opportunity to clear up the matter.You can expect that online readers will share how you addressed and resolved the issue.

Learning how to engage your readers while maximizing your social media tools and online presence can only result in selling more cars.

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