Facebook Refines Targeted Ad Categories to Include

Facebook Refines Targeted Ad Categories to Include


The world is becoming increasingly more targeted.  Remember when we used to only have 11 channels on the TV and it seemed only every other one actually came in clear.  We’d wait all day for the local ball game to be on wishing, “I wish I could just watch my favorite teams play all day long.”  Cue ESPN.   Finally, a channel that televised sports, sports, and nothing but the sports, so help us hockey fans.  We loved it because we got to watch our teams play all day and marketers loved it because they got to advertise to a targeted audience all day.

A defined, targeted audience makes your marketing dollars that much more effective, so let’s tip our hats to Facebook once again for making this process even easier.  As Ed Brooks indicated yesterday, Facebook just recently rolled out more refined options in targeting messages to a particular population – expecting parents, people who just moved, and even recently engaged couples.  But the most essential category for our industry is “Auto Intenders.”  You guessed it, people who are most likely interested in purchasing a new vehicle. 

This opens a whole new kind of targeted marketing than what we’ve seen before.  Now dealerships can advertise to people who are openly considering vehicles for purchase.  This can have an impact on not only new and used car sales, but also accessories, finance, and especially trade-ins.

Is anybody using this advertising method just yet?  What are your thoughts on getting involved?

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