CDMData you guys rock!!


Recently we were doing a dealership website that uses CDMData Digitallot product. Where CDMData associate comes to your dealerships lot and takes the pictures and prints the window stickers. We needed to obtain the images and vehicle data for the dealership website. My first thought was this going to take us minimum of two weeks to get setup and ready to go. To my amazement all I had to do was place a call to CDMData Customer Service and provide the dealership information and got connected to Josh at the tech support team. First question he asked was how would I like the data? Wow! Hold it there buddy you don't need me to sign a NDA to look at your feed file... and you will actually allow me to define the file format and for free.  Are you serious? Sure enough he was... Few hours latter I had the images and the vehicle data with all the features. A process that would have taken me 2 weeks I got completed in less than 3 hours. Now that is outstanding technical support. Excellent! I will defiantly referrer dealers to your service.

Lessons the other lot management companies can take from CDMData.

1. Don't make me sign a NDA for a flat CSV file. It is just a text file... nothing special about at coma delimited text file. (I think the NDA is to stop people from writing bad reviews of the product)

2. Provide different file formats don't charge me extra for a simple change.

3. When you are VIN Decoding the vehicle give me all the features. Don't make me re-run the VIN Decoder.

4. Don't pass me around the organization.

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