Automatically downloading data in XML format from ADP and ReyRey systems thru dial-up

Automatically downloading data in XML format from ADP and ReyRey systems thru dial-up


Warning this posting is purely technical. If you are looking for a way to dial-in to ADP or Reynolds & Reynolds DMS system and download customer data, inventory, financial or anything else then you should read on.

To do this we need scriptable terminal program. Our options are:

Expect, tool for automating pretty much anything using Tcl. We won't be using it as I could not get it to work on windows. O'Reilly Expect programming book is available from Amazon if you like to go this option. Could not find it on O'Reilly - Safari Books

Kermit, offers interactive and scripted terminal emulation. I just could not figure out how to get this going... Kermit has lot of books available all published in 90's. Couldn't find any on O'Reilly - Safari Books. Hmm I should just cancel my Safari subscription... any time I really need to find a book it is not there.

AccuTerm, I mention it here as a solution. Did not try fully as the trial is limited and does not allow dial-up's. Frankly if I was the owner I would make sure that my software has all the functionality in trial mode.

PowerTerm, now this is what we be using and for $149.00 it is worth it and you can download a fully functional 30 day trial. Kudos. It comes with a nice auto script record for the times you are stuck. The documentation is complete. Has nice examples and possibilities are endless. Quick note... I could not get the Creative USB modem to work with the program.

and many others Google for it.

Lets gets started... In this example we are going to dail-in to ADP system, enter our credentials, select reports, select our inventory report, capture the output and turn it into XML and save for processing. Assumptions that we are making are:

1. You can actually dial-in... By the way don't forget to support Open Secure Access
2. You have already created a report and saved it on system.
3. The report is the first thing in your report list... could be any record... but name it so it is first thing. Hey if you are up to it write another script that will create the report on the fly for you and share it with me. :)

Open notepad or notepad2 and create new file and cut and paste the the code from the following URL.

You will likely need to modify this to match your needs. I have documented the code well and you should be able to make sense of it. If you are lost or can't figure it out and need our help give us a call we can write the script for you.

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