5 Ways to Make Your Dealer Website Draw (& Keep!) Customers

5 Ways to Make Your Dealer Website Draw (& Keep!) Customers


How do you convince new customers to buy from you and not the competition?

Perhaps you have taken the first step and created a website for your dealership. Kudos to you! But don't stop with merely having a web presence. Make sure you take the necessary steps to Draw and Keep your customers.

5 Ways to Make Your Dealer Website Draw (& Keep!) Customers:

1 - Maintain a Complete, Up-to-Date Inventory: To sell your vehicles, you have to flaunt them. Yes, flaunt them. Show them off, each and every one of them. Keeping your inventory current online is important for making sales. Your customers won't buy what they can't see! And listing vehicles that are no longer on your lot only frustrates customers, preventing sales. The right web service provider makes maintaining your up-to-date inventory online an easy part of your daily routine.

2 - Photos, Photos, Photos! : Photos capture your audience's attention. And details -- comprehensive details -- reel them in! Give your customers all the views (front, back, side, interior) of each vehicle, then let them read over all the details they want. Let them start to "mentally own" the vehicle before they ever enter your lot.

3 - List Inventory on Multiple Website: The more sites which list your inventory, the more customers you reach. It's that simple. Customers don't limit their searches to dealership sites. They search dozens of independent car sites. List your inventory where the customers go, without any effort. A professionally designed website will 'automatically' push your inventory to all of the major car sites. Many of the sites are free (i.e. AOL Autos and Overstock.com), while others charge a nominal fee (i.e. AutoTrader.com and Cars.com).

4 - Make Your Website Easy To Find! : If your customers can't find you, then it doesn't matter how appealing your site is. Far less expensive than traditional advertising -- yet much more productive --search engine optimization (SEO) is a must these days. The right web service provider will know which SEO methods work and which ones don't!

5 - Create Customers Appeal : While creating that human connection with your customer through testimonials and a great "story" about your dealership is important, don't forget about all the bells and whistles that keep customers searching through and using a website.

A professionally-designed website will allow your customer to:

  • Browse Inventory (or) Search by Criteria (i.e. make, model, mileage, price)
  • Schedule a Test Drive or other appointment
  • Submit a Finance Form (securely!)
  • Submit Questions (or) Request a Quick Quote
  • Access Online Coupons
  • Use an Auto-Loan Calculator

Don't forget to include items such as hours of operation, location, and other services your dealership provides. But these are just the basics... there is so much more to creating a truly profitable web presence The best way to maximize your return on investment is to work with an experienced, professional web service provider. If you have any questions about creating a dealership website or how to improve your current website, feel free to email or call me.

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