3 Ways to Influence Women Car Buyers Using Facebook

3 Ways to Influence Women Car Buyers Using Facebook


After the outstanding response we got for our recent blog post, Ignore Women Buyers at Your Own Peril, which talked about how to market to women to help sell more vehicles, we decided to dig a little deeper and explore women's relationships with social media.

According to Pontiflex.com, 75% of women use social media sites, especially Facebook. Women use them to build relationships, congregate, and share opinions on products and services. Women are far more likely to purchase an item if it has been recommended by friends on a social media site. 88% of women also say promotions motivated them to subscribe to e-mail marketing newsletters.

As a car dealer you cannot ignore the impact women have on these purchases. Women account for 85% of household purchasing decisions and social media acts as a major influencer. Put the two together and you strike gold. The question is how do you use social media to influence women? Below are three simple techniques to employ in your daily sales and marketing efforts. These do not cost an arm and a leg and can significantly improve sales.

Build Trust.
You can't just post one-way messages promoting your vehicles on your Facebook wall and expect women to trust your brand and start sharing these with their friends. Rather than one-way communications, focus on growing the number of people you actually connect with. Get to know who your followers are and engage in personalized discussions. Offer advice and customer service on your Facebook page, and ask questions that express followers' opinions to get engagement flowing.

Here is one way to get going. Start a blog as it is good way for your followers to see your personality and build trust. Share real-life stories and experiences from women on your team that other women and mothers can relate to. Highlight a buyer's "success" story of how her purchase at your dealership has made her life easier, even if it's just about the new minivan that now has space for the soccer team and the equipment. Make sure your sincerity shines through in every blog post. Post all blog posts on your Facebook Page.

Be Creative.
If you want to expand your connections and followers, provide valuable, entertaining, and informative content on your Facebook page that others will want to share. Photos, videos, or if you have a game idea for the kids to play while driving to the summer vacation destination- post it! This will not only spark engagement between you and your followers, but it will also get the women chatting amongst themselves.

Offer Coupons
We said it above, 88% of women will subscribe to your e-mails if you offer some kind of promotion. Not only do they sign up for your e-mails, but they enjoy receiving the coupons. Anything with the word "free" or "discount" will catch a women's eye, and they are willing to try new products or services if they have some sort of promotion as encouragement. It may take some time and practice to get engagement started on your Facebook page, but keep at it and experiment to see what types of content your followers enjoy and interact with. Keep an eye on which wall postings are getting the most comments and thumbs up.

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