10 Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Auto Dealership Website

10 Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Auto Dealership Website


Increasing traffic on your auto dealership website is becoming more progressively important as the globe continues to shrink and buying decisions are made at the click of the mouse.

While there are many options made available to you for attracting online searchers, including “Pay-Per-Click” or “Search Engine Optimization,” one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase online traffic is through brand name awareness.

Brand name awareness is a long term strategy and depending on the amount of exposure consumers or prospective auto buyers receive, you can expect to significantly increase your brand name awareness, recognition, familiarity, trust and ultimately traffic to your auto dealership website.

So, if you are actively pursuing an increase in your website traffic, simply make your web address easy to find, easy to read, and easy to remember using the following strategies and examples brought to you by Autojini.com:


1.PRINT ADS: Your print ad is still one of the best sources for directing traffic to your auto dealership website. Whether you are running ads in newspapers or auto publications, you can get more for your dollar.

  • Try placing your dealership website address at the top of the ad, centered, bold, and in larger letters.
  • Offer an incentive to your readers to visit your website, like an Online Coupon.
  • Use a tagline like “Need Financing? No Problem. Visit Us Online!” or “See Color Photos of Your Choice of Cars. Visit Us Online!”

2.STATIONERY: All of your stationery items including letterhead, receipts, contractual agreements, invoices, business cards, correspondence memos, and more should have your auto dealership web address printed on it. No exceptions!

3.PLASTIC LICENSE PLATE: Does your dealership uses plastic license plate displaying the name of your dealership? On your next order of these license plates, why not redesign them to include your dealership’s web address? Center the web address as large as possible. If you find yourself short on space drop the www.

4.STORE SIGNS: Enhance the sign board you have on your dealer ship. Use these strategies to direct traffic to your dealership website.

  • Add your dealership web address to your message offering drive-by prospects, off hour and weekend traffic an alternative to your dealership’s physical location.
  • Make your message short and quick with lines like “See Pictures and Details. Visit Us Online.”
  • Try this: Open 24 Hours: www.TheDealership.com
  • Increase the sign’s effectiveness even more using a backlight or blinking neon sign.

5.WINDOW STICKERS: Assist those who are walking your lot during off hours or on Sundays by putting your dealership website address on your Window Stickers? You can be creative and add line like “For Pictures and other details, visit us online at:”

6.MOVING BILLBOARDS: Do you offer a loaner or shuttle service to your service department clients? Why not add your auto dealership web address on your loaners and shuttles in big bold letters turning your vehicles into billboards on wheels?

7.WAITING AREA: Your waiting room or sitting area is a great place to outline the benefits of visiting your dealership online.

8.EMAIL SIGNATURE LINES: Ask everyone in the office to use the “signature” option in their email communication. Don’t forget to include your dealership’s web address as part the signature along with your company’s phone, address and hours of operation.

9.PROMO ITEMS: What are some of your customer’s favorite promotional materials? Our favorite is the pocket calendar. If space is an issue, why not switch to a two sided calendar, six month on each side, and add a tagline, the dealership information and web address printed on both sides.

10.INVENTORY: Your inventory includes literally hundreds if not thousands of vehicles. Try displaying clear stickers with your web address on the trunk or the rear windshield of every vehicle on your lot. Chances are, your buyers will leave these stickers on their cars, turning their cars into driving ads for your dealership.

  • Easy to find! Your web address should be mentioned or written every time your dealership is mentioned or written.
  • Easy to read! Use title cased letters in your auto dealer web address. Which of these below is easiest to read?
  • Easy to remember! When choosing a name for your website, be sure that your prospects and customers can recognize your dealership name in it or that the site name is unique to your dealership’s specialty.


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About Author:

Syed Azam is the president of AutoJini.com, a leading provider of website solutions for auto dealers. He can be reached at syed@AutoJini.com or 515-770-6395.

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