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Responsive Auto Dealer Websites

Responsive Auto Dealer Websites

Responsive page design — One URL to reach all users on all device types

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive website automatically adjusts itself for desktops, tablets and smartphone devices. This allows users to access the most suitable version of your dealership’s website, based on the device the user is using.

A responsive website detects the screen size of the device, be it PC, tablet, or mobile phone. It automatically adjusts itself, i.e. the presentation of content, accordingly.

Responsive Websites on Mobile Devices

More than 70% of all searches are now done on mobile devices. Mobile phone based searches have now surpassed desktop searches. Therefore, it is necessary or a must that your dealership website is responsive and the user can access your dealership’s core services easily, without any zooming in-out or need to download an app.

Smart phones are going to get smarter so it is prudent that you upgrade your website to a responsive website without any further delay.

When it comes to search engines, Google is the undisputed king. Google now recommends to use a responsive web design as their preferred website design. They have even rolled out a tool that can review your dealership website and let you know if your site is responsive or not.

Google Mobile Friendly Tool

90% of Interner users move between devices


58% of American adults have a smartphone


42% of American adults own a tablet


32% of American adults own an e-reader


Search Engine Optimization Benefits Using Responsive Dealership Website

  • Faster Load Time: A properly implemented responsive website should load faster.
  • Less Search Engine (Site Crawl) Errors: Responsive websites eliminate the need to have two websites – one for a PC and one for a mobile device – it reduces broken page errors and typos. Therefore, you need to fix an error or typo only once.
  • No Loss of Ranking: As responsive websites use the same site layout and content for all the platforms, Google indexes and ranks the URL of your dealership website the same way. This is a great benefit as your investment in the SEO improves the ROI.
  • Improved Time Spent: As users experience the same branding, there is no need to download and install any app, easy to navigate site – both on PC and mobile devices – users tend to spend more time on your dealership’s website.
  • Management of Content: You just need to enter the content and SEO tags – updates included – only once on your dealership’s content management system. There is no need for any additional content or page layouts for the mobile or tablet devices.


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