Dealer Mobile Websites

Dealer Mobile Websites

Place your dealership’s inventory and information in the palm of your customers’ hands, when and where they need it. On your mobile website, customers can search inventory, view your internet specials, learn about your dealership and contact you – anytime, anywhere.

  • Full inventory (with multiple pictures)
  • Vehicle search functions
  • Internet Specials
  • Lead Generation Forms (price quotes, test drives, finance application, contact us)
  • Call Us Now speed dial
  • Social Media Links
  • Parts & Service
  • Hours & Directions
  • Optimized for Mobile Phone
Simple - Elegant - Easy to Use
Make your Dealership Website Available to the Mobile Phone Generation, 24/7
Car Dealer Mobile Websites Design

Mobile Site Features

  • Full Inventory Lists (with multiple photos)
  • Vehicle Search function
  • Internet Specials
  • About Us
  • Forms (e.g. price quotes and test drives)
  • Call Us Now speed-dial access
  • Social Media Links

Customer Appeal

  • Easy-Touch links for searching and viewing inventory
  • Easy to read and navigate mobile site
  • 24/7 access
  • One-Touch Speed Dial to the dealership - customers get answers to their questions - without waiting
  • Instant access to your mobile site (no app download, just accessing the internet)

Staying Connected to Your Customers

The mobile phone generation conducts as much business, if not more, from their mobile phones than from their desktop/laptop computers. Think about people's texting habits, especially those of young adults. They use any and every spare moment to stay in touch with family, friends and yes, even products. Many are watching the auto market, waiting for the arrival of that new or used car they plan to buy. And many of these customers are prepared to act on what happens, then and there. Businesses have to move with this new generation of customers, literally. (see full article)

Try It Out... Test A Dealership's Mobile Site

To see what your customers will see, you can view a mobile via your phone or your computer the screens, information, and navigation are the same. If you have a mobile phone, search for to pull up the mobile site we designed for SC Auto Direct. If you don't have a mobile phone handy, just click here to go directly to the mobile site.

If you've accessed the mobile site via our link above, you'll see the screen as it appears on the mobile phone. All the links work (except for the "Call Us Now" button which only works from a mobile phone). The rest of the navigation from screen to screen works the same as if you were accessing the site from a mobile phone.

Test the links and see how easy it is for customers to find inventory, contact a dealership, and pass vehicle and dealership information on to their network of friends.


Photos: Select any vehicle to see how your cars will appear. The photos alone can sell cars! As you can see, the mobile site has a slide show of the pictures on the bottom. Customers can watch the pictures, in large view, one by one, or pause the slides and take their time viewing any photo. The mobile site is built to maximize photo size and vehicle search functions, to prominently display your inventory on mobile phones.

Forms: The mobile site gives customers a FULLY FUNCTIONING website. When customers finish viewing the photos, they can request a Test Drive or Price Quote, just as they would via your standard website. Customers use their phones' keypads to enter all the necessary information. When they hit 'send,' the information goes to your dealership via email.

Vehicle Searches & Filters: Click on Used Cars or Internet Specials to see the vehicles in inventory (New Cars can be listed here as well). For customers who have a make/model in mind, they can select the Filter Results button. The filter gives options for years, makes, models, body styles, and even stock numbers.

The CALL US NOW button: Along with the dealer's name and logo, the Call Us Now button appears at the top of every screen. With a simple touch of the screen, customers can dial your dealership and get the answers to their questions then and there, when they want them. Having speed-dial access to your dealership from every screen of your mobile site makes customers more likely to call. And when those customers call you and your staff can work your magic turning that call, that lead, into a sale. (The Call Us Now feature only works on a mobile phone).

Live Demo

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