Motors Auction Management

eBay's Motors Auctions have become a major channel for selling autos over the past decade. With that immense growth, however, dealers have experienced a confusing system of how and where they list their vehicles. This confusion often results in poorly managed listings which take too much time and effort, and ultimately never realize their full potential.

AutoJini's Management Tool for eBay Motors Auctions simplifies the process, returning full control to the Dealership.

One Simple Control Panel -- to Manage Hundreds of Listings in eBay's National Auto Auctions.

Consider what AutoJini's eBay Motors Auction Management Tool does for your dealership:

eBay Motors Auction Template 1
eBay Motors Auction Template 2
eBay Motors Auction Template 3
  • Provides one simple control panel from which the dealer manages all listings
  • Simplifies the eBay Motors marketplace, making Listings and Updates simple
  • Automates the Listing Process, significantly reducing dealer's work
  • Provides Customizable Templates (Dealer can easily change custom templates in the control panel) and Promotes Dealership Branding through consistent use of dealer's logo/graphics/colors
  • Increases Dealership presence in eBay Auctions to 100% coverage, for as many cars as dealers wants to list
  • Lists, Re-Lists, Revises or Ends live eBay listings in seconds. (Real time uploads; no need to batch before uploading)
  • Supports Fixed Price and Best Offer Listings
  • Shows real-time status of all bids, best offers, bidder information and leads
  • Captures/Stores Bidder Information
  • Turns Bids, Inquiries and Best Offers into Lead Generation
  • Provides real-time Status of all Current Auctions
  • Allows upload of up to100 photos for each listing (dealer determines the picture count)
  • Supports PayPal Bidder Verification
  • Automatically Emails auction bidders with notifications
  • Automatically Generates Paperwork upon close of each auction
  • Phone and Online Support, and a Staff which RESPONDS to Your Needs
  • The list goes on and on...

Let us show you what our eBay Motors Auction Management Tool can do for your dealership

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