Internet Specials

Internet Specials

Good quality leads are the lifeblood of any dealership, and efficient lead generation is what makes this possible. Our search engine marketing get the right car buyers to your site, custom dealer websites design engages the customer; lead generators allow you to CAPTURE the valuable contact information.

With a single click, your customers can see all of the vehicles offered as "Internet Specials." A great way to move inventory off your lot, especially older vehicles, is to discount select vehicles each week. Your customers can go directly to the Internet Specials section of your website and view all of the discounted vehicles for the week. The vehicles are displayed with photos, basic specs, and a detailed web page link for each. Customers are able to scroll down the page, comparing one deal to the next.

Another use of internet specials on your website is to simply highlight select vehicles. These vehicles do not need to be on sale or discount, they may be the featured inventory for the week.


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