CraigsList & Backpage Posting Tool

CraigsList & Backpage Posting Tool

Create professionally designed vehicle ads for CraigsList with just a few simple clicks!

Your ads reflect more than your vehicles. They reflect you, your dealership, and even your business practices. What impression are your ads making? Judge for yourself. Compare your ads to any of the ads generated through AutoJini. Which do you think will attract customers and increase sales?

Each Ad Contains...

Why do you need a professionally designed vehicle ad?

If you have ever looked through a list of vehicles for sale on CraigsList, you know that not much differentiates one ad from another until you click on the listing and see the whole ad. Customers form an optinion about the seller once they see the ad. That first impression is critical. If you have an ad that is unorganized or that is missing information, your customer may get frustrated, or worse yet, assume you are not a respectable dealer. That customer will move on to an ad that convinces him to buy.

With a professionally designed ad, your customer is instantly impressed by the well-designed layout, organization, and the wealth of photos and information. They will take their time to review the information and make the visual connection to the vehicle through the photos in the ad. They customer will get a true chance to just the vehicle on its merits.

Stop posting unappealing ads that turn customers away. Take a look at our video to see how fast and easy it is to create and post professionally designed ads that inspire customers to buy vehicles. 

Helpful Tips

If you are posting more than 1 vehicle ad on CraigList at a time, see our time saving tips below!
Tip #1: Advertising a Vehicle in More Than One Market

Once you have pasted the code from AutoJini into a CraigsList ad, pull up your next city in CraigList. (Do not return to AutoJini.)

The process is the same: Select post to Classifieds. Then, click on "For Sale", then "Cars and Trucks- by Dealer". You'll give your ad a title (year, make, and model work the best.) Then you'll fill in in th price, location, and your email. Under Posting Description, Past the Code you pasted for your last listing. You do not have to return to recreate the ad in AutoJini since you can paste it multiple times. Click on Continue, Preview Your Ad, then Post to CraigsList. 

Tip #2: Advertising Multiple Vehicles at the Same Time

If you have more than one ad to post to CraigsList, keep two tabs open on your browser. The First for AutoJini and second for CraigsList. 

Create your first ad in your AutoJini tab. Next, click on the CraigsList tab and post your ad to CraigsList. Return to the AutoJini tab. On the "Manage Inventory" tab on AutoJini, click on "View Inventory". You are now back at your vehicle list. Choose your next vehicle and repeat the process for creating and posting an ad. 

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