Coupon Management System

Coupon Management System

Have you ever wondered which coupons would draw the most customers to your dealership? One of the main advantages of having a Coupon Management Systems is the ability to customize coupons, tweaking them to target different customer groups. Or, as many dealers approach the use of coupons, you can "push" any vehicle make, model, or type to the general public.

For example, make a coupon for $100 off any or all Chevrolet vehicles available on your website.

Many dealerships don't take advantage of coupons and their full potential. Consider the coupons you have seen for oil changes, tire rotations, or brake jobs. These are all routine checkups and can prove quite profitable for dealerships in terms of attracting existing and new customers. What if you want to create an outlandish coupon that is tied to Washington's birthday, or when the temperature dips below zero? Go right ahead! Customized coupons allow a business to test- and profit- from its own creativity.

With AutoJini's Coupon Management System, you can create an unlimited amount of coupons, set the amount, expiration date, and make the coupon printable for both online and walk-in customers.

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