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Do You Know?

  1. You do not pay on a per lead basis for the leads generated from your website.
  2. Quality of leads from your own website is far superior than from 3rd party leads.
  3. The overwhelming majority of car buyers start their car search on the Internet. So, be visible on the Internet.
  4. Your website builds your brand.  Make sure you get found on searches, especially local searches!
  5. Getting listed in local directories helps with search engine rankings and local search results.

Car Dealer SEO

Car Dealer SEO

Auto Dealers & Dealerships SEO

SEO encompasses more than identifying and using the right keywords, or loading up on content to reach the optimum keyword density. In truth, it’s finding the right balance of these and other components and staying on top of a constantly changing environment. Anyone can insert a bunch of keywords, rich content, and build those quality links into a website, but understanding how the search engines change their formulas, and changing one’s SEO strategy and staying not one, but several steps ahead of the competition in response to Search Engine changes is what AutoJini does best.

Changing WITH the Search Engines

Assessing your website for the quality of your content is only one part of our review of your site.A plan that will help bring your dealership’s website to the top of the rankings– and keep it there – cannot be created or implemented without understanding how to change and adapt to the search engines when they change their formulas. In his article ‘6 Major Google Changes Reveal the Future of SEO,’which appeared in Search Engine Watch, columnist Eric Enge theorizes that “Google operates from a frame of reference that they want to find and reward outstanding sites, pages, and authors that offer outstanding answers to users’ search queries.” Authorship, in-depth articles and the types of search queries your customers are using are just a few of the items the search engines assess and integrate into their algorithms. And these are a few of the items we assess, to make sure your site gives the search engines – and your customers – what they’re looking for.

Content – Just One of Many Key Components

As we stressed above, achieving the right balance of components in your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) plan is critical for placing high in search engine rankings. Content remains, and will likely always remain, an important component for two reasons: 1) Fluff doesn’t impress or attract customers and 2) the search engines know how to recognize – and will penalize a site – for poor quality writing, just as they will reward a site for writing that draws readers in. Your content should be rich, insightful, and helpful to your customers whenever possible, while still stressing those key words and phrases that are part of the overall SEO formula for success.

Targeting the Right Consumers and Areas

Do you know what your customers are looking for when they search the web? Do you understand what and how they compose their search queries and how to build your site accordingly? In addition to using the right key words and phrases, we analyze and understand customer search patterns. We have years of experience transforming stagnant, underperforming dealership websites into websites that attract customers and sell vehicles. We combine our expertise in dealership SEO with our experience and success in giving dealerships the online presence they need by understanding not only the search engines, but the dealership’s customers as well.

Connecting through Social Media

Using Social Media to reach new customers as well as promote loyalty and enthusiasm among current customers is just one of the many tools we use as part of our Dealership SEO strategy. Even if you have never joined a social media site, we can walk you through the process, develop a plan, and make using social media as natural to you as picking up a phone.

Our Clients

If you deal in or work with the automotive industry in any capacity, then we have the experience in SEO for your market. Our clients range from franchise dealerships, pre-owned dealerships, auto auctions, auto portal sites, car leasing sites,and car loan sites to independent auto dealer associations and other clients serving auto dealers.We even have clients in the powersport (e.g. RVs, Motorcycles Car Trailers, Power Boats) industry. With over 15 yearsof experience in the automotive industry, we atAutoJiniknow how to identify and address the needs of our clients.

What SEO Services Do We Include?

Yes, we cover all the basics:
  • Organic SEO
  • Local and RegionalSEO
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversation Optimization
  • Directory Submission & Link Building
  • SEO Friendly Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Responsive Sites for optimal SEO benefits
  • the list goes on….

‘Beyond-the-Basics’ Services

We may recommend additional services to your dealership that are not listed above, to address your dealership’s specific needs.We’re flexible because we recognize that dealerships are unique and have unique needs. Our goal is to deliver an SEO campaign that achieves results, not lock you into a pre-set plan. Searches, websites, strategy… the internet and how dealerships market their products will continue to change over time, and we’re here to lead the way in dealership SEO and SEM.

Read about our Dealership SEO Packages that serve as a starting point for any SEO plan, and contact us with any questions you may have. We’re happy to discuss your needs and to show you just how we can give you the online presence you deserve!