Dealer Assist Now Released Color Matched, Hand Written Comments, for Mercedes Dealers across North America

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Dealer Assist Now has written and placed hundreds of thousands of comments that are used by nearly 5000 dealers in all 50 states.

Dealer Assist Now (daN) - leading vehicle comment provider in North America of color matched, hand written comments, for franchise dealers - announced release of Mercedes Benz comments for model year 2012.

With this latest release, Mercedes dealers now have access to thousands of hand written comments from the G-Series to highly acclaimed AMG to the popular C-Class. Each comment is well written with factory statistics written by car people for car people highlighting the ‘Must Haves’ for each model. These emotionally compelling comments are easy to place into any dealership’s website or 3rd party classified website, like Auto Trader or Cars.com. Dealers can enhance and modify any comment with a single-click and append upgrades such as wheels or aftermarket items. These Mercedes Comments have factory colors included to mesmerize the shopper as they imagine themselves as the new owner. Common sense drives buyers to the vehicle that sounds the best, everyone wants the most perfect, best looking, and most affordable machine. Dealer Assist Now (daN) supplies the Sounds Better to America’s Mercedes dealers.

Dealer Assist Now (daN) plan to release comments for other 2012-13 makes in coming months.

AutoJini.com is one of the founding partners of Dealer Assist Now. Rafi Hamid, AutoJini’s COO, said “We are very excited to be part of this new venture. This is another affirmation of our ability to bring innovative solutions to auto dealers. AutoJini is just not a standard website provider to dealership marketplace, our expertise and deep understanding of the market place enables us to work with industry leaders in providing cutting edge solution.”

Aaron Johnson, one of the founding partner of Dealer Assist Now (daN), said” Today we offers more comments than ever before, daN has written and placed hundreds of thousands of comments that are used by nearly 5000 dealers in all 50 states and has been reviewed as ‘a best practice’ from AutoTrader and Cars.com. New Mercedes comments for 2012 and as released 2013 models are written in three languages, for all available factory colors. Also available are Mercedes Certified Pre-Owned comments.”

Paul Webb, one of North America’s Mercedes CPO Instructors, while on assignment in Canada, said, “Dealers could benefit from NEW Comments that were written with Rich Content designed to properly market the new product.”

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AutoJini.com provides retail automotive industry a complete set of tools, including custom website design, mobile websites, vehicle incentives and lease specials data, VIN decoding, integration of Google Analytics, Facebook applications ,and search engine optimization services. AutoJini improves automobile dealership’s performance by managing inventory data from multiple sources, ensuring most accurate and up to date inventory on the website, exporting inventory data to leading classified websites, both paid and free, providing higher per unit profit by lowering cost of online leads.

AutoJini.com has offices in Ames, Iowa; Schaumburg, IL, U.S.; and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

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